Do Your Presentations Help or Harm?

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7 min readMay 30, 2022

Your presentations should be helpful, but are you 100% confident that they are? Here are six checkpoints to ensure you give audiences what they need.

Photo by Matthew Waring on Unsplash

Starting in December 2020, I got into bike riding. It was slow at first, of course — rides within our Arizona neighborhood, then I got brave and would ride to the grocery store that’s just under a mile from our home. As time passed, I thought I was fully grown and rode to a doctor appointment that was a few miles down the street as a light drizzle pelted my helmet. There was no stopping me at that point! I started riding the trail that runs adjacent to a nearby canal and “made friends” along the trail, which equates to seeing and waving at some of the same faces every morning around the same time.

Photo by Aaron Hawkins

(As you can see, I don’t play fair with the “faces” game. Yes, that’s me outside our home July 2022, with a full mask on and shades in place. That’s how I roll out for my rides, and as you can imagine, that little getup garners plenty of stares. I even heard a little boy once say “Mommy! It’s a real life ninja!” But it also keeps the bugs out of my mouth and nose and the sun off my face and out of my eyes, plus the mask hides the fact that I’m panting with my mouth open, trying like hell to get air into my lungs!)

Now, I’m convinced when my husband gave me that bike for Christmas, he didn’t anticipate it would get the use that it does. For the avid cyclist, this is nothing impressive, but I got to a point where I was biking ~18 miles a day. I went from sitting on the sofa at 0 miles an hour to rolling out at 12 mph on my purple Huffy Cranbrook Beach Cruiser. Do the math, and you know that means ~90 minutes out of my day are spent on a bike. It takes planning, and with the early morning summer heat and busy schedules in our house, at the present, I’m down to only about 60 minutes/12 miles per day.

But back to my husband … I’m sure he did not foresee me completely WEARING THIS BIKE OUT, which is precisely what I’ve done! So much so until the chain will periodically come off. That happened to me last week, and I did what I always do — stop, turn the bike up-side-down, reaffix the…

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